Review: The Unseen World By Liz Moore.*

[Gifted/AD: I was sent this book, in exchange for a review.]

For all of its twists and turns, I love this book, particularly for its languuage. Ada is a small girl, with her ‘school’ by a research facility, combining language and technology.
Gradually, her Father begins to decline. He wonders off, forgets, becomes occasionally angry. Even disoreentated. As a parent, it’s unorthodox to say the least. It was fairly obvious that he had Alzheimer’s. Yet, he has a terrible secret, one hidden away in a floppy disc. (Remember those?!) It’s a code, a clue to his past life. Ada will spend years trying to crack it.Ada is moved, because he can no longer care for her. And yet his last project remains, itching to be opened..
If you love a good mystery , then this is for you. Or even just good fiction, with an incredible twist at the end. Liz Moore has written a stunning book. And it’s now one I my all time F avorites.
My only criticsm is that it can lag, and could be just a little bit snappier with the plot line.
Click here to buy from Amazon. You won’t regret it.At all.

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