Rejigging my filofax.


So, this is post three-and hopefully, there’ll be more to come, having order a personal red metrapool version. (The above has a problem with the rings, and stitching has come loss. I’ll do an unboxing post when that arrives!)

My filofax was becoming too full to shut properly, meaning some inserts I removed, just for clarity. I also rearranged it sequentially.


This is what you’ll see on opening.

The left pocket hasn’t changed much: there’s various post it’s, markers, stamps, a teeny tiny David Bowie, benefit discount, and envelopes.

To the right is a transparent flyleaf; the post it has information about an Amazon order on it. Behind that is my ‘dashboard’ doodle; I was feeling inspired by Adele at the time.

My diary:


For obvious reasons, I can only show you this, as it’s blank. I like to decorate-complete with Washi Tape and Stickers. (Paperchase and WH Smith’s.) The biro you can also just about see is from Paperchase as well.

These are dates from Amazon, informing some posts for next year-and both of them I cannot wait to read:




There are my buisness cards, a belated birthday present, from Moo. If I’m at any event, sometimes I use to be asked for them-and looked really unprofessional, scribbling in paper. You can also see blank to-do lists; I use I one a week.

The contacts section-that I could not show:


To the right you’ll see my mangled-and-slightly-random notes section; it has everything about the blog, recipes, the book I’m writing, interview questions… some examples:




And a photo gallery at the back, just to make me smile.. #queenfanalltheway


I also have two transparent zip pockets; here I keep samples, cuttings, and change:


And the back pocket; my V&A membership letter I keep here, as well as a Carly Simon cutout, and spare paper:


You can see Oberjeans post here, from what got me really interested in Filofaxes originally. Or even over at Gala Darling, complete with rainbow paper.

How do you use your Filofax?

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