What’s in my bag? (Work Experience Edition.)

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend three days doing work experience.  This is what I was lugging round with me, to be a ‘good’* work experiencee..

* That’s what I hoped they thought, any way..

This was a lovely birthday present from my grandparents. (I do love Asos.) It fitted everything I’m about to show you inside, and did not have too-thin-a-strap that hurts your shoulder. I’m just waiting to fix the clasp, as it’s broken.. 😢

What’s inside…

Really,compared to what I carry in terms of academia, this was light!

Red Metrapool Filofax.

It has all the details of where I’m going, what to do, tasks etc. I’d be lost without such a thing..

Guidance for around the trains!

Yes..the holder in the right holds my oyster card and discount card. The little book, however, has landmarks, tube maps, address.. all are very useful.

Memory stick.

Because who’d want to leave their work behind? !

Smiggle highlighter..

As an aspergic young person, order is something I’m best at. Colour coding to me is a great tool-I don’t feel overwhelmed as much.

The latest ELLE

Let’s be honest: train rides are horrible. Overcrowding, screaming children, rude passengers..who’d want that? I have to have something to read at all time, as well as music. And what better for three days working in media?

A Cathy Hopkins signed book Mark.

For legal reasons, I cannot post a picture of the book I’mreading currently. But here’s a book Mark instead…


For the train…

What’s in your bag?



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