What’s in my bag? (Minimalistic edition.)


The last time I wrote a post like this, it was soon deleted-in the basis that the writing was too immature, and it seemed just so frivolous. But, I wanted to indulge, and follow the many posts I’ve read recently about the insidesof a handbag…

The bag is from Amazon or Ebay: I literally typed in ‘satchel’. And yes, I can’t recall were. .

These are the insides! It’s just missing my purse (I’d rather not post that online!) and my phone-used to take the photos..


  • Andree’s War by Francelle Bradford White.

Elliott and Thompson sent me this to review, at my request. It’s the story of a nineteen year old resistance worker during the second world war; if ever you need a pick-me-up, or just an inspirational read, this is for you.


  • Tangle Tamer. 

I have curly hair. And even with hairspray, it’s prone to be very messy. So, when I asked Polly Vernon what’s in her handbag, I took a tip out of her book.*

*Okay, you could say I copied her. But I’d heard such great things about this magic brush!


  • Headphones.

I have Aspergers Sydrome, and find some places quite daunting, because of noise..so, to block it out, usually I’ll plug into a new playlist. (Lissie,  Phil Collins, Anastacia, Carly Simon, Freddie Mercury..)

  • Earrings.

Because why not?

  • Lipstick.

I get very dry lips, and this is my favourite shade, from The Body Shop.

  • Filofax.

The essential planner that’s made a lot of appearnces on this blog. Truth be told,I’d be lost without it. It holds my appointments, deadlines, writing slots for my book, interview questions, gratitude lists, clippings, and more..

These are a few posts from around the net, that make good extra reading:

  1. My Life Suckers
  2. Carrie Brighton
  3. The Chriselle Factor.

What do you keep in your bag?

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