Review: Andree's War By Francelle Bradford White. *

(Disclaimer: Elliott And Thompson sent me this,to review, at my own request. What follows is my full, honest, uncensored opinion about the book.)

I love any sort of Third Reich History-those stories of hero’s, really. And that goes for this book, which I’m currently reading, and have yet to finish.
With the occupation of France, Andree was virtually trapped; classed as a civil servant, she was forbidden to leave. Yet detested the Nazi Occupation.
As a young women-nineteen when the occupation began?-the juxtaposition between youth and frivloity, war and constraint, is quite astounding. And it’s a virtually a recounstucted book-from Andree’s diary, for instance. Her daughter should be highly commended. It must have been painstaking with the sheer amount of epic detail it holds within its pages.
It’s incredible this book. And something to go along with the following-not by theme, but by book that stands on its own merit:

  • Reasons To Stay Alive
  • The Book Thief
  • The Diary Of Anne Frank
  • I Capture The Castle
  • Boys In The Trees
  • The Memory Book

I can’t really fault this book. Really, I can’t.
I have yet to finish this book, at home of writing, but when I do, I know that I will want to re-trad it again.
Have you read any impactful books lately?

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