Review: Palmistry, a book about the occult. *

(Disclaimer: Thank you Plexus books for sending me this, at my own request. What is detailed in this post is my opinion.)

Since I started reading Gala Darling’s blog, way back in 2012, I’ve been sort of vaguely interested in the occult. I have dabbled in it myself. I’ve read about it instead. (Ever come across witches in a Jodi Picoult novel?) I was delighted to recieve this in the post; its been sitting round my bag since.

This is a Victorian volume that’s almost a reprint-the text as I understand it is the same (Don’t quote me on that!), but it’s under a different cover.

I think it’d be an interesting subject, if the language was changed; it was written in a mysterious tone that I really did not understand. Therefore, I could not apply that to the diagrams that illustrate the book throughout. I certain haven’t become a palm reader.

I feel that this has therefore been a very biased, negative review.

I’d have liked to have understood this book, and immersed myself in a subject of interest. I still think you should buy it-not just on my bad review. 

Maybe you could report back, let me know what it’s about?

Click here to buy from Amazon.

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