Review: Baby Doll, the new thriller. *

[ Disclaimer: ●Thanks to Jess Gulliver for sending me this, at my request.●]

A note about plot: I do love a good thriller, really, I do. And this was no exception: the case of Lilly, abducted from the gates of her high school, only to return to her family eight years later. Please be warned that this post may contain spoilers.

What I liked:


The novel, throughout, used language as a way to get inside the head of the character, a rare quality I think.

Although with a few American Words-such as ‘Mom’-it translates very well to an English auidence, I think. Additionally, I was also a little sceptical: hadn’t this been done before? It seemed to be almost akin to a film such as Misery. How wrong was I?! It went into the after affects-recovery, how the family was impacted, and a shock twist. (Lilly is a twin; Abby however had several issues, such as with drug addiction recovery and more.) Abby kills the man responsible for this, which I saw, genuinely, as a shock twist. It isn’t just a trite novel, a scenario that has happened, over and over again. This book is thrilling, and if you like a Thriller, this is something for you. It’s one of my favourite books this year. And as a debut? It’s something great. I really really really really really really would like a sequel.

What I didn’t like:

Characterisation at times was a little..I’m not sure what the word is, to be perfectly honest. There seemed to be a lack of empathy, compassion almost, in some characters. It was a passion for whatever was labelled as justice-such as wanting to seek revenge for wronged family members. I wasn’t sure about it: but then again, I’m not what you’d class as ‘expert’.

I give this a fifteen out of fifteen. Have you read any thrillers this year? I’d like to know,as this book is launched today. Leave your thoughts in the comments below..

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