My Filofax: how I personalise it.

If you’re looking online, you may have come across what has become to collectively be known as the ‘Filofax Community’. The ‘yuppie’ eighties planner seens ro still be as popular as ever. Ever read Gala Darling? I recommend:

👠 A beginner’s guide to the Filofax.
👠A Filofax Love affair.

It was kind of why I bought mine, having seen it on Oberjean, back in 2012. As an organisational tool, I’ve found it useful for the last four years.

This is personal sized, and was a limited edition, in aid of Cancer Research. It came with information inside about the disease-due to an accident with water, I removed these.  It was also Pink. What more could I have wanted? (To be honest, I’m not as keen on the shade, now…)


One way to personalise is with your pen-coordinating, clashing, matching..I keep two: a birthday chrome biro (Thanks Laura) and a Stablio in light blue. (I’m looking at a new Filofax, as this is getting tatty, so am stockpiling several things!)


This is what you’ll see on opening; the dashboard. In the left pockets are stamps, Markets, Stickies, Postcards to post, a business leaflet, stickers, and money.. (Again, stickers; I’m stockpiling!) To the right is a plastic sheet with my name, I’m case of being lost. Through it you can see a collection of buisness cards…


1. My own custom divider I made, in lieu of waiting for the new Filofax. (Cut a card to the size of a page, punch through holes, and after measuring the sizes, add the tab.)

2. These are my buisness cards, from Moo. They are ace 👍👍

3. A buisness card for my local bail bar, complete with prices.


I’ve added some cut out images to the backs of my dividers; just to cover up the boring backs. It also makes me smile..


A blank page in my diary; I like to personalise it best with Washi Tape, and free inserts that can be found online.. it’s cheap, cheerful, and I like the feel.. I’ll also go through, highlighting, with a pack of ten tiny highlighters from Smiggle.


At the back of the diary inserts are blank pages for notes. Prefering to keep these to the inserts section, I’ve glued in various cutouts.. there’s also ‘re reminders for next year.





An example of further inserts:


This is where I keep my contacts, to do with my work and blog. Currently, it’s full, but I had gone through them, highlighting..

The inserts tab:


Here I keep all sorts of notes, on a inserts from Paperchase; that includes a gratuitude list, blog and article ideas, and other things. These are notes from a Gala Darling post; it also is partially what I’m looking for in a new Filofax.



And a sneak peek of what’s coming soon!

How do you personalise your Filofax?


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