The dodo Acad-pad: the day I fell in love with stationery.*

Because who doesn’t adore a Dodo?!

If you regularly follow my posts, you’ll probably know that I like to plan, and could go on and on about my filofax. The Dodo Pad LTD sent me this to review, at my request.

What I like:
Firstly, it’s very colourful, which is why I really like it; a Filofax diary can at times just be very bland, in only cream. There’s also a lot of room for doodles, as encouraged by Lord Dodo himself, as well as unusual notes dates.


It’s also notable, for the way of almost catalouging. Each week is in columns, where you designate a subject to each. Or, you can simply go without! That’s a bonus for me, because my head is a bit of a whirl. This is what I juggle weekly:

☺ Column Deadline.
😊 Blog posts.
😀 Interviews.
😁 Freelance articles.
😂 College work.
😃 Social Days Out.
😄 Review requests.
😅 And more!

I’m waiting until I go back to put the lessons in.

It’s useful as a way of delegation; I’ll largely be using these in the columns:

📍 Blog 📍 Deadlines 📍 Events 📍 To Do 📍 and Books

Currently, I’m aiming for at least a post a week, with more in between. I’m scheduling them like mad, and have done so until October. I have various deadlines: my column, other articles, homework, applications.. Books I a mix of things; I like to know when new titles are coming out, as well as when to request them for a review.


What I don’t like:

The squares are so small! And I have huge handwriting. But that’s also a problem with my filofax-a size personal, it’s half an A4 page. Maybe that could change of it was a week to two pages?

I’ll be switching from August, however. The Dodo isn’t going to die on me!


There’s also helpful future planning spots..

And data cache:


I think my allegiance has switched to the Dodo pad, and would like to know what you think. Leave your thoughts in the comments–

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8 thoughts on “The dodo Acad-pad: the day I fell in love with stationery.*

  1. clareeshepherd says:

    I too love Dodo pads. I have one in a personal, and a Deskfax, which I use as a diary and bullet journal, which mostly stays at home, but goes to the occasional lecture as it has loads of Dodo pad notepaper at the back.

    Liked by 1 person

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