Review: Crinoline By Brian May And Denis Pellin*

(Thank you Chloe for sending me this.)

Crinoline. You’re probably thinking; underwear? Really? That’s *exactly* what I thought also.

*Well, maybe.

This book is a collabaration between Brian May and Denis Pellin, two well educated men of the London Steroscopic Company. (LSC) It’s a brief sort of history, complete with elaborate illustrations and an owl viewer. You can see in 3D!

(I have short vision, so couldn’t quite do so.)

It’s a fascinating tome, truly encapsulating a time that has since disappeard. If you want something to study with the fullest depth of your mind, I thoroughly recommend.

I just think that the tone could have been far less dressy; sometimes, I didn’t understand the occasional passage. That was the only thing, really, that took the value of how magic I found this book.

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