Review: Moranifesto By Caitlin Moran.*

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted this book, in exchange for a review.]

Caitlin. Moran. Ever heard of her? If you like funny, occasionally sweary feminist writing, added with a thrice weekly column, you love this lady.
Moranifesto is a collection of her columns from The Times, added together with new essays. (Because you just have to have something bonus, right? Like on a ‘Collection album’-your greatest hits and new songs mixed in between.) It deals with everything serious such as the Syrian refugee crisis, and the utterly hilarious, such as benefits of a Muppet Face. (Because you look far more ‘alive’-not just someone blankered and unemotional.)
What I like best is how utterly irreverent the whole book is-including accidentally trespassing on Kate Moss’ house, whilst lunching with Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, really.
My only real criticism is that the subjects of the columns can at times be a little dull; I’m a reader without an interest in housing , or even something that vaguely resembles accounting. To have whole sections of the book like this made my head swim. It may be what you prefer, but it just wasn’t for me.
I like how this however takes Politics seriously; rather than just being condescending, it has a real way of just talking about things. The logic is astounding; the evidence compelling. This is a gem of a book, worthy of being read everywhere. It should be on everyone’s shelf, on the basis that Politics is everywhere; we can’t go on being apathetic. Change needs to happen, yet it doesn’t have to be revolutionary. We can change our country by just one idea at a time. It doesn’t even have to be very serious.
Meanwhile, Caitlin is on her book tour. You can book tickets to see her read live from the book. It’s well worth the while, with her irreverent attitude to every little thing.
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