Review: Hitler's forgotten children. *

*Thanks Elliot and Thompson for sending me this.
I officially got started in to History, at the age of six, with a lesson about The Second World War. I still read a lot about it today, being completely fascinated, and wanting to expand my knowledge of the subject. I do t know why, or how it became a ‘thing’ to me.
This is a realitivly New memoir, about how Erika, born in 1942, was taken from her biological parents by the Nazis. Declared ‘Aryan’, she was also given a new identity.
I knew not an ounce about the programme of Lebensborn.
And, honestly, the fact that that even happened disgusts me.
The Ingrid Von Oelhafen of the story is very brave, resilient at best ; she wished to uncover about her heritage, as Erika.
I enjoyed this book immensely, only wishing for it to have a greater clarity. It switches between the two authors, which is a little confusing.