Imagine Book Launch!

So, on Christmas Eve, there was a competition I saw on Facebook from a Twitter link.. Write a review of Imagine (see my blog review here) for originality.Both winners-myself and a lovely guy, called Andrew, got to attend the launch.


Credit: Lesley-Ann Jones.

It was at the Groucho Club, from six to eight, on Tuesday 19TH January.

It was almost akin to a Jazz club-comforting, closed in, with a ‘smokey’ vibe. One person wondered what the walls would say-with the maxim, quickly introduced, of “What goes on in the Groucho, stays in the Groucho!” And to be honest, I liked that. A lot. (Apparently Spike Milligan and the rest of goon show writers, used it as their stomping ground.)

We talked about Queen, other elements of Rock, whilst meandering about the room..

I also got to meet to ‘Indian lady’ of Jones’ books, Hy Money, as well as her agent , Ivan Mulcahy, and Zaria Rich. (They are all utterly lovely people!) There was also some excitement-about something coming anew. (I can’t print-look out for announcements.)

A definite highlight was the speech made by Ivan Mulcahy, Lesley-Ann’s agent: it was a message of goodwill, a little about the writing of the book, and an announcement. (I can’t print yet; see above.) Later, he came and chatted to me-and gave me his card (!) When being a room, unsure of myself, that was very kind.

I finally got to meet Lesley-Ann, the lovely rock biographer who I’ve also interviewed twice here. Imagine is her new book, well worth the read; click here to buy.   (I can’t say much more, due to writing an article.)


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