Review: Romantic Outlaws. *

(Thank you Jess Guillver for sending me this!)

Okay, so the title may sound a little like a rude novel-but it really isn’t how it sounds..

Currently, I am reading Romantic Outlaws, and the entwined lives of Mary Wollstonechaft and Mary Shelly. The latter write Frankenstein. The first wrote a volume declaring women’s rights. (Anyone get the reference to Hilary Clinton’s famous speech?) They were both mother and daughter. And each achieved fame on their own terms.

What I like about this book is how it’s recounting the lives of two women, without passing judgement.

Both Mary’s aren’t written as being foolish or silly; rather, the facts are stated simply. And that’s rare to see in a book-particularly one about the history of nearly two hundred years ago. Biography is almost akin to looking down someones distorted telescope. And this book comes very close to being balanced throughout.


As a reader, I have defective vision-which is why I have glasses. The tiny print really wasn’t very helpful; however, I realise that not to be the authors fault. I would have also have liked to have seen the dual narrative be marked clearly..Two Mary’s, and I get very confused! (Silly, really.)

I think every female should read this..


Click here to buy.

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