Mademoiselle goes to Liverpool | Three days in Liverpool.

Well, why not?
Way back in the last few days of December 2015-from the 27th to the 30th-I was lucky enough to spend my time in Liverpool. This-as many before it-is just a post, almost like a photo diary. It details what I was doing, with some bits of history, as well as some ‘shoe envy’:
Around where I visited, there were many really cool, themed bars. Maybe the more literary of you will understand this:


Lets find Daisy and Nick inside!

This was the exterior shot:
Well, I assume it was a bar…
Despite walking nearly everywhere, I really envied this mode of transport:
Because who doesn’t want to ride in a Taxi, branded with Net-A-Porter?!
But, looking in Topshop, I had some serious shoe envy. (Very much like Dorothy, from Wizard of Oz, no?) I just had to buy them..
Apologies for the bad quality picture…
A quick look in the Fab Four Cafe, prior to boarding the ferry, I saw these really cool statues. Oh, I wish I had been alive during the time of The Beatles!
And the cafe-in the window-even had a cake with the lyrics to ‘All You Need Is Love’, complete with bright, gaudy hues…
Some general facts about the Ferry ride from Liverpool’s dock:

  • It has been there for over 800 years, in various incarnations.
  • Charles Dickens used it, if only for “the air”.
  • 1965 saw a boom in use.

My ticket:
On the way back to the apartment, I spotted what I presume to be a Brazilian embassy. This was the building next door-and the shot didn’t manage to capture the vivid flags, hung outside.
There was also some really cool architecture; if anyone knows anything about these buidings, please comment-I’d really like to know..

A new history for me, written in red..
And historic statues:
Bauhaus, anyone?
Serious (although fictional) holiday reading.
Just could not resist:
And something a little (un)politically correct, although I thought it funny:
(It reads-as directions for the toilets: ‘Men to the left, because women are always right.’)
And finally..
I was a little disappointed at first; one end was completely derelict, boarded up, etc. The other was colorful, more developed, yet lacking in its history; for example, the barbershop didn’t appear to be in its original place..
Where did you visit in December?

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