Review: 100 Ways To Love Audrey Hepurn. *

(Thank you Sandra for sending me this.)
Oh, Audrey Hepburn…
I was sent this book recently, and read it in about twenty minutes. (Yes, really; please do not follow this example.) Apart from that, we’re treated to ninety five plus pictures of Audrey. A good collection, really.
But I’m not sure about the way it’s written. It has no introduction, going straight into it, and doesn’t always write to a reason, as said.
Oh, but the feel of the paper…the glossy overlay…
The narrative would probably be better received, if read by a new fan-somebody just starting to research Audrey. I knew a good two thirds of the book already. (Yes, an Audrey fan, indeed!)
But one thing the book does illustrate, quite perfectly, is why we sill love Audrey-and her appeal. Surely anyone would know who she is, without ever having seen one of her films? Same with Marilyn Monroe, really. And that’s what keeps the book together-a sort of glue. It makes a good keepsake, or present.
(Birthday present idea, anyone?)
And that’s why I like it. I even learnt that Audrey has a Tulip created after her. It seemed fitting, to say the least.
Right, I’m off now to watch Funny Face. What do you think?  Will you be reading at all?
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