Review: Absolute Truth For Beginners, By Katarina West. *

(N.B A little while ago, I was very fortunate enough to review Katarina’s first novel. (Click here to view if you didn’t see it.) This is her follow-up, which she asked me to review..)
Absolute Truth is a new book, out today, by Katarina West. I feel very privileged to take part in this launch, having had a PDF copy of the book since September. And it’s brilliant. Purely brilliant.
Again, I really like the language and intertextuallity. It’s..I can’t really describe. The book has a unique tone-one of rarity and cultured heritage-which is just so refreshing to read. It has art references, various theories, landscapes I’ve never visited..(Please excuse the misspelling-Wordpress kept trying to correct it, but couldn’t find the correct word!)
The opening scene starts, almost quite bluntly,starts by saying “You’re a nobody”. From a timid girl, Elisa, this could be considered as the way she sees herself, almost without a lot of confidence. Elisa falls madly in love with  Judith Shapiro, a brilliant mathematician. Sixty eight days past, with Elisa becoming her mistress. It eventually takes a suicidal notion. (Readers, I can’t add any more-otherwise plot spoilers will be too great!)
Although a long read-at 320 pages-I think it is more suited to specialist audience.
Click here to buy the book. Or visit Katarina’s website here.

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