Review: The Treasures Of Tutankhamen. *

(Thanks Carlton books for sending me this.)

I can’t really recall being first introduced to Egyptology; maybe at the age of six, learning about ‘King Tut’? That was still when people thought he was the boy king, murdered in his prime. Since then, I’ve loved to read the occasional book about Egyptology. (Nefertiti anyone?)

For an aspiring/beginner/ new Egyptologist (delete as appropriate), this book is ideal, complete with a wealth of information. I like it because it’s not too specialist, largely. It has also a good range of depth-even containing an extract from Howard Carter’s diary, and his floor plan of the tomb. That’s real history, right there.

So, yes, this is what I’m reading.

And yes, it’s enjoyable.

It even says on the back cover how this is a book of historic important documents. They all can be pulled out, and have the most incredibly detailed drawings, diagrams, etc. I’m a history blogger, really, and that’s something that’ll always sell a book to me. (If you want to give me a Christmas present, a good history book alike to this’ll do..)

Click here to buy.

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