Review: Brian May's Red Special Book. *

(Thanks to Carlton books for sending me this!)

Queen fans, gather round; here’s the perfect Christmas gift for you/partner/offspring-particularly if a Guitar player, or a fan of Brian May. (Simon Bradley was a co-writer, and appears to be responsible for pitching the concept of the book..)

Although this volume is a little bit slim, it is rich in detail of how May’s guitar was built, over the course of about two years,finishing in around 1964. The about of detail is astounding, considering at time of publication that The Red Special was fifty years old!
However, I am not a guitar player, being not clever enough to learn. At times the book is a little technical-so would have liked an Index, just to have fully understood.
But apart from that..
It has a lot about playing, a little about its first restoration; the guitar was even dismantled and x-rayed! (Brian-if you ever read this-I and a lot of fans think you were incredibly brave to let that happen.) A favorite part was reading about Brian playing on Buckingham Palace roof, complete with pictures.
Now, to narrative; Brian is telling the story about how the guitar was bought to life. I like this-because it’s a very likable story-and it’s very endearing. (And it’s genius how this guitar was built! Just with Brian’s father, inn a workshop..that seems very rare, even today.)
If you know a fan of Brian May, or even just a guitar player, this is an ideal gift.
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