Review: Imagine By Lesley-Ann Jones. *

(Thanks Mulcahy books for sending me this!)

I’m a huge fan of Lesley-Ann Jones; you can probably tell by my reviews (Ride A White Swan and Freddie Mercury) as well as by this interview. Therefore, I was absolutely delighted to be sent her new novel to review, which is out today.

I recall with great fondness the night in Montreux, at the Rock Festival, when we, a gang of badly misbehaved hacks, managed to break into ‘Deaky”s suite and empty it of every single item within – including the toilet rolls, the lightbulbs, the bed …”

-From a 2015 interview.

It opens with the day that John Lennon was shot; the protagonist, Nina, is there . She even interacts with him. It-for any music fan-brings that tragic day very much to life, incredibly vividly. There’s even observations of the aftermath: how Mark Chapman was detained, Yoko Ono’s movements..

But then comes the later day narrative: Nina is a *mature* rock chick reporter, sent to investigate why other famous rock singers keep dying, in very mysterious circumstances. (And it can be a bit graphic at times.) This is amidst references to being a ‘hack’, days at the office,gossipy bites of information..I like it best for its sweary, biting, blunt tone,because it’s just so refreshing.  To stop myself from giving away any spoilers, I’ll have to stop there.

I am just a humble scribe. I do the words. The excellent people in publishing houses who edit and copy-read and legal-read and picture-research, and those who design the jackets and lay out the pages and the photos and other illustrations, who make the mere words sing as a book to be reckoned with, work as hard as I do.”

-From a 2015 interview.

But there’s also a sub-plot, with narrative voices shifting by chapter: Nina and her husband are going through a divorce, together with guest appearances from rock managers, their son, and far more.  That makes Imagine far more compelling. As a reader, the sense of just something ending in complete chaos creates an utterly addictive book.

So there you have it.

One reason I particularly love Imagine is because of its multi-cultural feel; it takes place in various locations round the globe. This includes Japan, London..

I owe every single newspaper editor who ever stood me on a doorstep in the snow until 2am.”

-From a 2015 interview.

Ultimately touching, as well as hysterically funny at times, it is very hard not to see this becoming a bestseller. Congratulations Lesley-Ann; this is a great book. (And my favorite book of all this year!) Imagine is also available as a Paperback

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