Review: Freddie Mercury By Lesley-Ann Jones. *

[Gifted/AD: Mulcahy Books sent me this book, at my own request, in exchange for a review.]

He and Queen are among  some of my most favorite musicians-among others such as Genesis, Lissie, Kathryn Williams, Anastacia..(I could go on!) Therefore, it was an absolute pleasure to be reviewing this book.
The author of this book is somebody that I really envy, having managed to strike up a ‘friendship’ with the band, having interviewed them. (According to our interview-click here to view-that was the case.) That informs some of this book. But I digress from the subject…
Here, we have the whole forty five years of Freddie Mercury-and Queen (as a backdrop) in print form. It’s a lot to have packed in-global dominance,  singing songs, recording, performing Barcelona..And that’s not just the genesis of this book. The Freddie confined to these pages seems just so innately human, rather than the classical ‘Ultimate Showman’ depiction. I like that, because it takes away some of the enigma. Although this does come from anecdotes, they are at times funny, endearing, and ultimately tragic.
(Queen fans-do you think that Freddie had a lot more to give?)
And it goes on and on, the rich tapestry of text. I love this book. And I think you will too.
My only feedback would be that it perhaps focused a little bit too much on the ‘homosexual side’ of Freddie; as a fan I want to know about the music. I don’t really like to read about what stars do privately-and will rarely go after gossip like that. But then again, if you like this slant, you’ll probably enjoy it.
We just need an update now-about Queen & Adam Lambert, the Forever album..
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