Review: Ride A White Swan By Lesley-Ann Jones.*

[Gifted/AD: Mulcahy Books sent me this, at my own request, in exchange for a review.]

Currently I’m reading Ride A White Swan by Lesley-Ann Jones,and must say, I am really enjoying it! (To someone with a limited knowledge of Marc Bolan and T Rex, it is a gratifying read.)
It begins with Marc’s childhood, in the poorer parts of London, just two years after world ar two. The details are incredibly vivid, richly nostalgic, bringing alive a portrait of the era. It’s unique, in a way; a lot of ‘rock stars’ (Gosh, I hate that word!) were born the same year, buy very different backgrounds.
It was also a book of revelations:
-Marc and (elder) brother Harry were apparently raised to be ‘nice, jewish boys’, to paraphrase  from the book. He was apparently proud of his background. (I say apparently, because he isn’t here to speak for himself!)
-It is very possible that Marc was dyslexic.
-There was a band prior to T Rex (two if you want to be precise, in a way.)
If you’re a rock fan, this is a credible piece of work; it’ll have you smiling when reading. The pictures are also a great asset-such as of a very young Elton John. Having not been around at that time, I really thought that they went well together.
I also cannot wait to read the authors debut novel!
Click here to purchase. Read our interview with the author here.

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