Review: Conversations with McCartney By Paul Du Noyer. *

Music journalist? Check. Interviews? Check. Association with one of the Beatles? Check. (That’s a partial equation for a good book!)

As a past time, I like to research and listen to music-a have a generally ‘mixed’ taste. For me this book was a complete gem to read-a book to be treasured, re-read time and time again. I wasn’t alive during the time of the Beatles; that’s primarily why I wanted to read this book, to see their artistry on paper.

Paul Du Noyer has been a music journalist-such as by serving at NME, etc. In 1989, he was contacted to interview Paul Mcartney, and has since produced countless editorials, album notes, tour programmes, etc. The book is more a compiled narrative of quotes, telling the story of the Beatles, Wings, etc-with just a little help from the author. (Possibly to give a little more direction.) It follows Paul’s Liverpool roots, and has some great observation from the journalist writing. (Such as watching Paul prepare to tour-great passage!)

I just would have liked to have less dense narrative-it occasionally has my eyes aching. (Yes-glasses user. A chunk of words isn’t always good.) It was almost as if there was so much detail to include-which would probably appeal far more to ‘hardcore’ fans.

Click here to buy the book.

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