The Gestapo By Frank McDonough (Review) *

I like German History. (Well, from 1933-45.) Really, I do. Initially, I was thrilled to be reviewing The Gestapo. It’s a very scholarly book-which I think would be suited far more to a specialist audience.

(Click here to buy the book.)

What I have learnt however was really a revelation; The Gestapo wasn’t the ‘big brother’ of its time. Really, according to this book-and evidence drawn from their files-it was understaffed, and overstretched. When a ‘crime’ was committed, usually The Gestapo knew only because of an informer.

As a network, it was also capable of cruelty-but, could surprisingly let ‘offenders’ off leniently.

Any German History student should read this-for a greater understanding-because the book is incredibly vivid in description and detail. It’s powerfully evocative and should reach great acclaim. (Just because I struggled, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read-PLEASE READ!) I’d also really love to interview Frank.

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