Currently I’m reading Pompidou Posse by Sarah Lotz. (Review.) *

Click here to buy. (The lovely people at Hodder & Stroughton sent me this to review.)

The narrative switches between the viewpoints Sage and Vicki; it’s interesting, simply because of the contrast. Vicki is light hearted, kind, and (at times) a little naive. Sage is cynical, a little harsh at times, and mean.

Like any teen novel, the two girls run away to Paris-after burning their school art shed down. (Hence the many references to police, lack of inhibition..) They want to be artists. But just need an occupation. So, there’s some situations they end up in, that may not always be the best for them..Yes, a lot of things they get up to is very dangerous. *Don’t try this at home, Kids*.

I like to contrast best of all. Particularly as a surface reader, I have an awful tendency to take the text at face value. Sage provides a much darker reading-if in a little of a mean tone-but it’s perfect! Yes, it wasn’t much usual type of book I’d read. There’s a lot of swearing, as well as sexual tension references. No way would I run away to Paris-mainly, being a creature of habit..

I can’t fault this book, really. Please read-it deserves a wide audience!

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