Mademoiselle goes to Arundel | My Day Out.

Recently, I was lucky enough to visit Arundel-and explore the town. It was lovely, so thought it worthwhile to share just a few pictures:


In a pub where I had dinner, there were all this pictures of English monarchs on the wall-maybe about 100-200? (This is only a small proportion.) Can you identify Henry 7th, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert?


This monument was for the Queen’s coronation.


Aundel Castle-sitting on the moat bank with glinting grandeur. Sadly I didn’t go inside it-but will (hopefully) be writing a post soon!


Ruins of a castle, more than 200 years old..I’ve lost the text sadly, so can’t offer up an explanation.


There was a bookshop that I visited-particularly when I saw these in the windows. (Rare volumes, rare volumes!) I had a poke round-and came across the full set of Dickens, leather bound, for eighty five pounds. However, I did leave, when small feet were heard from the floor above..there was also vermin droppings, hanging from the ceiling.


Really cool art volume!


There was a lot of ice-cream places round, apt for a really sunny day. I really liked this sign..


Looking at the Christmas things in October..Yes, really. (This came under ‘Stocking filler’.) A plastic pug dog, which waves when the sun hits its solar panel.


Or..this cup.

Where have you visited recently?

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