Interview: Kathryn Williams, singer/songwriter.

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be able to review Hypoxia-the latest Kathryn Williams CD, prior to being released. (The post was scheduled on the blog!) Here, we asked Kathryn all about her career as a singer:
When growing up, did you aspire to be a singer/songwriter?
No I wanted to be a physiotherapist. Then I wanted to be an artist, painting and living in a loft in Paris. Then much later I thought I might find a path. Then I realized the whole time I’d been writing.
What do you think currently, about how people can be signed to a record label, by producing an album in their bedroom, via a laptop?
I think if the record is good, if the songs are good then that record should come out… Some people can be brilliant producers. Some people are just artists.
I feel sad for the studios that are closing.. But there is opportunity for artists who don’t have funds to make music.
So to sum up ….bleurghhhh
How did you begin writing for Hypoxia?
I got a writing commission from new writing north to come up with some songs to commemorate Sylvia Plath
Would you ever consider producing a duet album?
Yes. I made an album with neil Maccoll called two. I also have joked about doing islands in the stream with guy garvey. He calls me dolly. I call him Kenny
What was it that particularly attracted you to the Indie genre?
Erm …. The shoes?
Who do you look to for particular inspiration?
Philosophers other creatives, my life, my heart, my eyes, fear, boredom

On Hypoxia, there’s the song ‘Tango with Marco’. Assuming this refers to Marc in the Bell Jar, why did you choose to write about him, and what are your views about the events of the book?
Yes it’s about him. The whole record is based on the bell jar and I chose characters and themes. It’s a scary horrible scene and it was a challenge to write unblinking lyrics
Do you think social media is a relevant tool for any singer?
Yes unfortunately
For a day at the office, what would we find in your handbag?
A Tiny office with tiny staplers and a tiny receptionist
For people who wish to follow in your footsteps , do you have any advice?
Left right left right left right. Moistiurise. Panic. Left right left right, turn back, no no wait that’s right….. No one knows what they’re doing….. So do it anyway. Hope that is helpful.

Thank you very much to Kathryn for answering our questions; don’t forget to buy Hypoxia.

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