Mademoiselle goes to the US | Boston.

This is the final part of my American history blog series. (You can read part one here, and part two here.) Mainly whilst in Boston, I visited the John F Kennedy library and museum-and you can see my pictures here.


Exterior shot.

This was an exterior shot, taken from the beach, possibly two days prior to visiting. It’s very beautiful-the way Jack Kennedy decided to have his library by the sea. He was an known Navy Man-such as from his national service, and when he saved peoples lives on a PT boat.

Up close

This is a close-up of the library. The prestige it radiates is something quite grand-and admirable.

Greeted by in the entrance…

The JFK Library has recently undergone refurbishment-and was closed (I think) until March of this year. There’s a lot of emphasis on how Jack Kennedy was a navy man. This is one of the main pictures, that greets you on entry. (To the right is Jacqueline Kennedy.) I like it most of all for the carefree vibe-sailing as two of the most glamorous people at the time.

Campaign office.

This is a replica of what the campaign office looks like. Around it-particularly on the walls-was items, related to the Kennedy/Johnson ticket. Elements of that can be seen in this photo-such as by the door (bag), and above the desk wall. Also, note the ‘vintage’ typewriter. How campaigns have changed since then! Robert Kennedy also had a look in-with a similar replica of his office, further in. Yes, I haven’t got a picture of that..

To President Kennedy..

My favorite part of the library was how there’s a replica of part of the white house. (I want to say state dining room-but it’s the hallway..) Around there is artifacts from the Kennedy presidency, such as above. This is from the men of the PT boat Jack Kennedy saved, and all remaining members have signed their names.

One of Jackie’s dresses..

I was thrilled to see some of Jacqueline Kennedy’s dresses, up close. (Click here to see a related post.)¬†Although not one of my favorites, its sheer size had me marveling.. Alongside her wardrobe section-which I’ll show in a minute-was an interactive screen, acting as a directory of her dresses.

From the White House Tour..

This dress, Jackie wore when filming the White House Tour. It’s part of a display, further detailing her White House efforts. It is in fact a Dior dress-not Cassini. Alongside it, the display also had her honorary Emmy.

Jackie’s wardrobe doors.

Yep. This is part of a display showing some of Jackie’s favorite thins-as depicted in the wardrobe doors. There were poems, part of her Vogue entry, the original¬†One Special Summer, and other items.

Victura, Jack Kennedy’s boat..

And, on that final note, this was Jack Kennedy’s boat.
Visit the libraries website here.

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