Day Out: Polly Vernon Book Talk.

Hot Feminist is a book Polly Vernon has written, that sort of has taken feminism to a new level, discussing how it’s okay to wear clothes, make up, etc, and still be a feminist. Click here to buy the book.
I was lucky enough-with a friend-to attend a book talk with Polly Vernon and Elizabeth Day. There was an extract read aloud, followed by a Q&A from Elizabeth, and questions from the audience. It was a great night-with the occasional swear word thrown in-that I really enjoyed. I was also able to get my book signed-and asked the lady herself a few questions at the end!
It was finally a gathering of just people-men and women-who wanted to be equal to each other. There were so many questions, covering various topics: Fashion magazines, Beach body adverts, Harassment, etc. This was event that I was lucky enough to attend, and I feel very privileged to have done.

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