Mademoiselle Goes To London | Breakfast at Tiffanys at the Royal Albert Hall.


Royal Albert Hall.

Nearly a month ago, I was lucky enough to go and see Breakfast At Tiffanys: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured above). Whilst I was there, I also saw two other landmarks-and thought I’d mix it in with a review:
Albert Memorial:

Albert Memorial.

This is just behind the Royal Albert Hall, and seems to be almost quite a large monument.It’s very beautiful, and reminds me of the Diana memorial nearby.  I didn’t find out much about it-and would like to know. Tweet, or leave a comment, if you have any information please!
Imperial College:

Imperial College.

I’m not often in London, so was interested to pass Imperial College. It appears in the film Kingsman-so tried to get a picture of the window Colin Firth jumps out. (Sadly, it was blurred.) But it was the sheer size that got me-it’s huge! There was also signs up outside, by way of advertising; one project they are working on, for example, is a surgical knife, that indicates whether tissue is cancerous or not. (That would be a terrific invention-and, I think a gift to medicine. )
Overall, I loved the show-being an Audrey Hepburn fan..The orchestra did a really good job, and performed Moon River, with the composers daughter on vocals, at the end of the film. I’d really like to see Audrey’s Funny Face there live also.
Have you seen any shows recently?

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