Review: Witchcraft Couture, by Katarina West.*

I was asked to review this book by Katarina West-via a website, back in January -and will be doing so for this blog post:

Described as heavy-weight literary fiction, I was surprised at how good this book is-and loved the language when reading. Language is important when reading a book-it’s very sophisticated, a little high class, which I had to point out most of all. (That was just one of my highlights.)

Witch couture is a great book ; I cannot stress that enough. At all. It’s about a tortured genius of design, that Oscar routinely destroys his work, or cannot sketch. But will he overcome his weakness by the end of the book?

This book also has quite a continental flair-in the first thirty six pages, it alternates between Russia and Italy. It is also quite an intimate reading experience for any reader, because it’s written like a diary-meaning you can see the main thoughts of the protagonist. It develops a sense of empathy and teaches us to look at people in a very different light. You may not like Oscar, however the character still has a lot to say to us all.

To anyone reading this, I recommend that you buy and read this book; culturally enriching, it has a great plot line and entices the reader throughout. Finally, I give it the score of 10/10.

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