Review: Hypoxia, the Sylvia Plath inspired album.*

[Gifted/AD: I was contacted to review this CD, with no fees involved.]

I was lucky enough to be asked to review Hypoxia, released today, by One Little Indian Records. An albumm of great emotional depth, it isn’t one to disappoint-and, being inspired by The Bell Jar, what’s not to love?

It was a surreal experience to share these songs that felt like secrets
-Kathryn Williams

Featuring 9 tracks that accumulate to a half hour of listening, it opens with the song Electric and finishes with Part of us. As most records go,it has a good sense of narrative, seemingly following the full circle of Sylvia Plath’s life. There are a full range of emotions-anger, sadness, happiness-and it really gets under the skin of the listener.
There is also quite a haunting lyrical quality, much like Plath’s original poems; it’s unique, and very emotive. I like this album, very simply, beyond words.
I also like that this is a very literature orientated album-being based on The Bell Jar-and I felt it was enriching, being a Plath fan. Such as on the track Tango With Marco, I understood that it mirrored events in the book, and how it was symbolic. I felt like I knew Plath’s work just a little better through it also.

Track listing:

1. Electric.
2. Mirrors.
3. Battleships.
5. Beating heart.
6. Tango with Marco.
7. When nothing means less.
8. The mind is its own place.
9. Part of us.

There are three tracks particularly I’d like to single out: Cuckoo, Electric, and Tango with Marco. These three tracks I loved best of all-and I’m not sure what made them stand out at all. This album is clearly a labor of love, and each listener should cherish each time they play. Overall, I give it a 10/10.

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