Interview; Kerry Ellis, 'First Lady' of the West End.

To put it bluntly, who wouldn’t want to interview Kerry Ellis? I was lucky enough to ask her about her role in CATS (Click here to book tickets) among other things. This is the official site. Now, you can read what she has to say.
Hello Kerry, thank you for agreeing to this interview. When growing up, did you want to be a actress/singer?
I was on the stage from a very early age and it seemed natural for me. I felt very at home there.
Of all the roles you’ve performed on stage, which has been the most fulfilling and why?
I guess Wicked took me a while to conquer as it is so demanding vocally, physically and emotionally. I had to retrain my voice to be able to deal with that demand everyday, 8 times a week, so once I had worked that out I was very elated. It was extremely fulfilling .
How do you usually prepare for a role?
I like to go in with my own story to tell and not influenced by any other artist so I can bring something new. Research is key. The more knowledge you have about the show and character the better. I also try to be as healthy as possible.
Who are your current influences and why?
I’m inspired by lots of people now. Usually it’s my peers, especially the ones at the moment. I’m working in Cats the musical at the London Palladium and my fellow company members are incredible. They are athletes and are so disciplined and committed. It’s inspiring to be around them.
Who would you most like to collaborate , musically, with?
I’ve been fortunate over my career to work with some incredible people like Brian May, Barry Manilow, Josh Groban – the list goes on. But, I would love to work with a female icon like Elaine Paige or Beyoncé. That would be fun!
What was it like auditioning for The Voice?
An experience
How did you come to meet Brian May?
I was doing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and he came to watch. He asked me to audition for We Will Rock You and we have been collaborating ever since.

Are you helping him with his Common Decency project?
I will do what I can.
How do your experiences in Cats and We Will Rock You compare?
Every show is different and I face different challenges, but each are magical and have their own journey,
What made you sign up for Cats?
Who wouldn’t?! I get to sing the iconic song Memory at the London Palladium with a fantastic cast in one of the longest running musicals.
 Once you have finished Cats, are there any other roles you’d like to take on?
 There are lots, but I’d love to do something new so I can create a role again.
For anyone wishing to follow in your footsteps, do you have any tips?
Dream big.
Kerry is currently performing in CATS; to book tickets, please click here. To view her website, please click here. Thank you also to Kerry for answering these questions!

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