Review: ‘As It Began’ by Jim Jenkins and Jacky Smith.

*So sorry for my recent lack of posting-I’ve been very busy recently!*

Recently, I’ve read QUEEN: As it began by Jacky Smith and Jim Jenkins. For a really comprehensive history of QUEEN-or even if you’re just a fan-this is the ideal book for you. I really enjoyed this, simply because it gives a good insight into the band.

It starts off with an introduction by Brian May-stating how this isn’t the band trying to write their history. Rather, it’s written by the secretary of the official fan club, and a general QUEEN expert. That just makes it far more realistic-in the sense of from an outsiders perspective. In addition to this, there is also photos, and is based on interviews with band members, which are generally quoted throughout the book.

I like that the narrative isn’t all ‘one-sided’; it switches between members and the events.  Instead, like some QUEEN books, it doesn’t just focus on the life of Freddie Mercury. Hence the reason why I like this book. The tone is at times funny, reflective, and above all, in admiration of the band as a whole. What else could anyone wish for? It’s a remarkable addition to the QUEEN documentary Days Of  Our Lives.

What books have you been reading?

Click here to buy the book. Click here to see our other QUEEN posts.

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