Review: Anastacia's Resurrection Tour.

*Sorry that this is very late-nearly by two months in fact. I was waiting for all the show clips to be uploaded to Youtube!*
Way back in January, I was lucky enough to see Anastacia live in London, and enjoyed it very much. To put it simply. As part of the Resurrection tour of this year, I felt very lucky-and enjoyed singing along with all the other fans who had congregated into the tiny place it was being held at.
A highlight was the Ask Anastacia-where, prior to the show, Fans would put messages in a box for her. One of them was ‘Can you sing why’d you lie to me?’ She obliged-with an impressive a Capella version. (See below in the Youtube clip.) That really was a great highlight of the show.

One of my favorite numbers was Left Outside Alone-having been a favorite of mine for many years-which made a great start to the show. There was also the point she made about not swearing, or dressing in skimpy costumes, in case of small children. One was even lucky enough to be allowed up on stage with her, join in Stupid Little Things, and have Happy Birthday sung to her.

That really was a great show; I am very glad to have seen it, and feel immensely privileged to have sang along. It was radically different to QUEEN and Adam Lambert (review here) who I’d seen a week earlier, but I still enjoyed it. You just can’t compare, can you? This was more just about Anastacia and fans-no flashy lights, costume changes, etc.
What do you think? Have you seen Anastacia live?

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