Interview; Jordy van de Bunt, owner of QUEEN Facts.

Jordy van de Bunt is the owner of QUEEN Facts-which involves many things: A Twitter account (click here to view), a website (click here to view), Facebook (Again, click here to view), and a lot more. The basic concept is uploading facts to do with QUEEN, But just how does he do it? We interviewed him to find out:
How did the idea of a QUEEN Facts Twitter account come to fore?
In 2012, I had just joined Twitter with my personal account. I saw there wasn’t really an account for the facts about this amazing band, so I decided to open one. The name @QueenFacts was already taken, so I chose to add 1991, the year Freddie died, to my name. After two days I already stopped posting things there, until over a year later. Since then, I’ve tweeted things almost everyday, which has leaded to over 5,000 followers, even including the official Queen account. So no pressure at all 😉
How do you come up with facts to put on your Twitter channel?
I get my facts from various websites (I can’t remember most of them though) and books. For example, I have a book about Queen, the official Freddie Mercury biography, and I recently bought the book about Brian’s guitar, the Red Special. After tweeting something, I put it in a list with all facts that were once tweeted, so I don’t run out of them. Sometimes a false fact sneaks up on my page though, but usually it’s deleted soon after.
Do you have any plans to turn QUEEN Facts into a full time website/blog?
For now, I don’t have those plans. I’m still a 19 year old student, so I have other things to think of. Maybe after I’ve finished my study I will do that, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve also been asked once if I would make a Queen Facts app, but that’s not in the planning yet either.

When did you first become a QUEEN fan?
My favourite radio station always played a lot of music from the ’70s and ’80s, and they played Queen regularly. In 2009, my mother bought me the Absolute Greatest compilation, and that’s where it all started. Soon I discovered my grandparents owned all three Greatest Hits albums and I could have them. When all albums were re-issued in 2011, I bought them as well and my love for them started growing more and more. Last Friday (30 January) I finally got to see them live, and it was an amazing night!
For our every day readers, could you tell us a fact that they won’t know?
I always liked this fact: One time John Deacon, the bass player, was drunk when a Queen song came on the radio, and he asked who the band were.

Who is your favorite QUEEN member, and why?
I don’t really have a favorite member. They all contributed their own special sounds to the band. John has his great bass skills, Roger is an amazing drummer, Brian can play guitar like no-one else and Freddie is maybe the best singer humanity has ever seen.
Can you take us through the daily ‘admin’ side of running QUEEN facts?
I have accounts on three different websites, but my Twitter account is my ‘main’ account, as I always post my updates and ideas there first. I have a lot of previously posted facts written down in a notepad, which I tweet from. Also I have a couple of never-before posted facts at the moment which will be posted shortly. On my Facebook page, I always post facts that are too long to fit in a tweet, and on my Instagram page, I post edited pics of the members who are involved in that fact.  Also, at the moment, I’m busy with the ongoing Queen + Adam Lambert tour. I’m trying to do a live tweet for every concert, although it isn’t always possible.
Have you met any of the band members?
Unfortunately not! I could never meet Freddie, as I was born almost four years after he died. John retired from the band when I was 2 years old and hasn’t appeared in public since. I wish I could have met Brian and Roger at the concert last Friday, but unfortunately I couldn’t get to them. Also Brian was feeling not that well, so I don’t think I could have had a chance anyway…
If you could ask Roger Taylor or Brian May any question, what would it be?
I really had to think about this one… but I would ask them how it was like to work with such an amazing singer like Freddie. I mean, Brian has said Adam is a gift from God, but I think Freddie was a much, much better gift (not to bring Adam down of course). Also I have promised a good friend of mine what Brian’s opinion is about her, as she always tweets him things and he even follows her on Twitter.
For anyone wishing to follow in your footsteps, do you have any tips?
Don’t do it because then I won’t be alone anymore, haha! But seriously, I would say: Do some research on the Internet, get some books… And ask your friends for help. I’ve asked the Official International Queen Fan Club for some promotion when I had about 30 followers, and the next day I woke up to having 100. And you should have some good interaction with your followers. I’m doing that and it’s going great. At the moment I’m writing this, I’m having a competition with Queen trivia, and people are loving it so far.
And finally, one random question:
Do you like Shepherds pie?
I must say I had to look it up, as I haven’t heard of it before you asked me because I’m not British (I’m Dutch instead). So I can’t really give an answer to that.

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