Concert review: QUEEN and Adam Lambert.

(Sorry for the lateness! )
One of my Christmas presents was tickets to see QUEEN and Adam Lambert. To put it very simply, this was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen…it was a brilliant concert.
I am a QUEEN fan: I will admit it. But I never did get to see Freddie Mercury-Adam did do a pretty good job though..he reached all the high notes, and had the audience in the palms of his hands.
There were so many old hits:
-One Vision
-Tie Your Mother Down
-Fat Bottomed Girls
-We will rock you
-Love of my life
-Crazy Little Thing Called Love
-We are the champions.
-These are the days of our lives.
….to name only a few!
One of my favorite parts was the’ drum battle’ between Roger, and his son, Rufus. It was really impressive. There was also the classic guitar solo from Brian May. The’ Red Special’ looked small from where I was sitting, but it does make so many varied sounds. Attached to the end of it was a ‘Selfie- stick’, meaning that some members of the audience could be seen on a screen, in a shape of a ‘Q’ .
It’s also obvious to see the QUEEN’S popularity isn’t abating yet: so many fans, young and old, were singing along that night. It was deafening! But the show did have quite a sense of unity…it was hugely enjoyble. Everyone in the arena joined at the’ Ready Freddie’ part of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. There where virtually no seats left empty.
Have you been to any shows  recently?


  1. Jordy van de Bunt (Queen Facts)
    February 3, 2015 / 5:29 pm

    Yes, I have been to the Amsterdam concert last Friday. It was AWESOME! From One Vision to We Are the Champions, they rocked the whole arena! There were so many great moments… Brian filming the band and the audience during Fat Bottomed Girls… My tear at Love of My Life… The awesome drum battle between father and son… Adam jumping in the audience during Radio Ga Ga… One by one great memories. Even though Brian wasn’t feeling that well (which I could clearly hear when he started the solo from Crazy Little Thing Called Love), nobody left disappointed. Oh, hurry back, hurry back…

    • February 3, 2015 / 5:47 pm

      It’s true, they are great concerts.. if only they could go ‘on and on and on’-(excuse the pun!)

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