Interview; Peter Hince, author of Queen Unseen.

Peter Hince was a Roadie for QUEEN, and has written a book-‘QUEEN Unseen’-about his experiences. Here, you can find out a little about what he has to say.
Hello Peter, thank you for agreeing to this interview. 
Was there a particular process that you undertook to put the manuscript together? 
No real plan or process – it evolved naturally. I have always had a good memory and for details of my time with Queen.I had been asked or told many times – “You should write a book” as I had lots of stories and could actually remember what happened…..Around 1995 I started to write down my memories and then later to put it into some order and shape.Over the years it changed as I got better with my writing and as other memories came back.I tried to get an agent to take the project, but after contacting about 30 agents – no luck. Then a couple of years later, by chance I did get an agent.However, they could get no interest from publishers and after a few more years I edited once more and sent to John Blake Publishing myself.Fortunately they accepted in 2010.So it was a long road to getting published – but I think the book is better for the time I spent and how I evolved a s a writer.
In compiling the book, did you find yourself reminiscing about your days as a ‘Roadie’ ?
Yes, it brought back lots of memories and I tried to re live them to get the feeling for the book.Also looking at old tour itineraries, passes, and other items I have could spark a story or chain of thought. Or maybe a Queen song or clip of a live show.
Was the experience worthwhile?

Yes – it was a great time in my life.

In a positive way, how do you think the experience of a Roadie influenced you? 

I learned to grow up quickly and deal with all kinds of problems and adapt to situations. It gave me the belief and confidence to do other things in my life.It wasn’t always easy, but was a continuing good challenge. The skills, organisation and discipline from life on tour really helped my career as a photographer. I traveled extensively and experienced so many things that have enriched my life.

When on the road, did you improve your language skills? 

I was rare in that I wanted to be able to speak or understand some foreign languages – if only a few words or phrases.Most of the crew were not interested at all – as the people we were working or interacting with spoke English.I made a big effort when we lived in Munich and taught myself to speak quite good German. I had a bit of French from school, which I also improved through travel.Plus bits of Spanish and Japanese. I now speak very good Italian.
Do you still keep in contact with the band? 
Very occasionally. We all have different lives now and have moved on in what we do.
As a writer, do you have any tips? 

Write what you are passionate about and what you know. Try to write from the heart. It is a long and sometimes tedious and frustrating process. If you get stuck – just leave it and come back later – maybe days or weeks.Write and then edit, write and then edit – and keep doing that until you feel there is no more.  (But there often is…..)Get people you trust to read your work – not just friends or family …… You have to get objective input and criticism. The more you write – the better you get.Just like in life – the harder you work – the luckier you get.

And for one final, random question- just so you don’t get bored, always being asked about QUEEN: 


Out of the following, which do you prefer?


The Beatles

Rolling Stones

Guns N Roses

The Stones!


To purchase a copy of ‘QUEEN Unseen’, please click here.

To view Peter’s website, please click here.

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