Mademoiselle goes to Magna Carta| My Memorial Visit.

The same day I visited Windsor castle, I was also lucky enough to see the memorial dedicated to the Magna Carta (pictured above- all images here are mine) .
Signed in 1215 by King John, the document was the first Constitutional document in the World- it also was later uses, partially, as a basis for the US constitution.
It was used, in restriction, of the Kings power: it also forms the basis for our moderns Justice system:

“All men are born equal”

The Clauses in it form certain Law practices-Prosecution by your equals, and according to the laws of the land, as well as being born equal.
A little way from that also is a memorial, put in (I think? ) 1965 or 1968 to President Kennedy.
Formed of a Plaque, it bare an inscription in dedication to him, and bares part of his inaugural a dress from January 20th 1961. This land is part of US soil, and is managed by The John F.Kennedy Fund.
Last year, on the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination, you could also have seen a copy of it in Dallas, Texas, just outside the Texas Book Depository.

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