Mademoiselle goes Windsor Castle | Royalty by numbers.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and tour parts of Windsor Castle- but, as I didn’t take any photos, ok thought I’d do “Windsor by numbers” :
1 castle, built in 1070, by William the conquer. Now is one of the main homes of the Queen.
There was 3 group’s of Guards, seen at the changing of the Guard ceremony at 11 that morning.
Between all of us, we shared 4 ice creams-with the Royal mark of Windsor.
5 favorite paintings from the State Apartments- particularly one of the young Queen, soon after the coronation.
8 Canadian Geese.
18 sets of China (at least) , seen in the entrance of the State Apartments, behind glass doors.
30 swans. Possibly more..
200 steps up the Tower (this houses the Royal Archives) .
7.5 million visit the palace each year.

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