Review: Moranthology by Caitlin Moran


I love Caitlin Moran.

Really, I do.

Ever since I read “How to be a women” , I’ve tried to read all her books….

So, we come to this review.

Published in 2012, I’m a little late in reading this by two years: a compilation of her columns from the Times, the subject varies- to a visit to a Sex club with Lady Gaga, to interviewing Gordon Brown, Moranthology is a fast paced witty book.

Moranthology is proof that Caitlin can be actually quite chatty about many other things, including cultural, social, and political issues.

Following on from 2011’s How to be a women, Moranthology isn’t restricted to the one subject of Feminism- though that’s briefly, in maybe five words, touched upon in the Lady Gaga part- who knew Gaga was a Feminist ? !?

At 354 pages, this will keep anyone occupied for a while-though big in length, it’s not big enough to make your arms hurt after carrying for a while (a definite plus) . No more than a few pages is dedicated to one specific subject- in terms of the reprinted column. This is quite nice, as you can literally skim through the book, deciding what you want to read….

I’d.recommend this book to anyone really-with a  10/10 score.

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