Argo: book review.

I’ve been reading Argo by Antonio Mendez recently- so for this blog, here’s a little post about ‘Argo’ :

Now a major motion picture movie, starring Ben Affleck, the film ‘Argo’ is based on true events, that happened in the US and Iran in the seventies:

Part of the blurb reads as follows:

On 4 November 1979, Iranian Militants stormed the US embassy in Tehran and held dozens of Americans hostage


Six Americans escaped.

They hid in the city.

Antonio Mendez, a top CIA officer received flash cables at the CIA HQ – marked top secret communications, rarely seen.

Disguising himself as a Hollywood, Mendez devised an infiltration plan, which would lead to the rescue of “The Six” :

The captives would adapt fake identities, and with fake documents, act as if they were in Iran, on a film production location.

The fake film was called Argo.

After three decades, Antonio Mendez finally details this complex and dangerous operation.

As not to spoil the film and book, I won’t say much about the ending…

The Six hostages, were finally meet by Tony- quickly adapted their identities. But did they get out alive?

This book is extremely well written, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Iran/ America. Starting with a little background knowledge of The Cold War, Tony appears very knowledgeable about events surrounding the hostage situation- then follows it with a little about his life. A painter as well as a rising officer in the CIA, Tony is tasked with rescuing the six Americans.

A great read for the inquisitive and curious.

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