Interview with Jo Elvin, Editor of Glamour Magazine. Part Two.

So, from part one (click here to read it), we learn ta lot. And hopefully you will like part two just as much:

+Are there any useful resources you can suggest for journalists to use?

Gorkana is great for finding out what’s going on regarding job opportunities.

+When taking part in “The apprentice: you’re fired” what was your role?

Oh, I’ve just been on the panel of that a couple of times with other people. You go on and talk about that week’s episode of The Apprentice and talk to the person who got fired that week and tell them how they messed it all up!

+Was Lord Sugar as intimidating as on screen?

I’ve never met him!

+Annually, Glamour hosts the women of the year awards. Is it at all stressful?

It’s incredibly stressful but we also absolutely love it. You never know what’s going to happen from one year to the next. But it takes about six months to organise and there’s about four of us who organise it. It’s mammoth. Getting about 30 celebrities to all be in the same place on the same night – it’s not rocket science, it’s much more difficult than that.

+The ceremony mainly consists of giving awards to women, who are amazing at what they do. How are they chosen?

They are chosen by the readers. Every year we receive around 100,000 votes.

+When making your speech, what goes through your mind?

‘Elvin, don’t mess it up, and don’t even think about trying to be funny, because you’re not as funny as all the hilarious, talented celebrities who’ve already been up here!’

+What are your tips for journalists?

Be prepared to start at the bottom.

Get work experience anywhere you can. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your ‘dream place’. You need all experience.

Make sure you are learning how to be digitally savvy. That’s where it’s all heading, as we know.

And finally, one random question:

+If for one day, you could swap bodies with one celebrity, who would it be?

I’d need to find out which celebrity was having a day of lounging by their Beverly Hills pool. So if that was, say, Danny de Vito, that would be fine. I’d just like to have a lie down, really.

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