Interview: Cat, Life Through A Cats Eyes.

Here at Mademoiselle, we love interviews. Here is no exception; the lovely blogger Cat gives us an access all areas interview, about here blog , Through a cats eyes. Read it here . Props to here , as she was on holiday at the time that just shows a committed blogger! Anyway, enjoy ! Don’t forget to click all the purple underlined words, as they all show you her website.
What inspired you to blog?
My online friend Amber had a blog and she suggested that I start one. I had no idea what a blog was (I was only 9) but I had been reading hers for a little while and thought it would suit me well. I’ve always liked writing and design so blogging seemed like a good fit, also it was nice to have a blogging friend in Amber. ^_^
Describe your blog in 5 words…

A perfect reflection of me 😀

Do you get inspiration for posts from other blogs?

Sometimes. For instance my post named ‘Currently I’m…’ was inspired by the blog Your Almost Alice, and I get all of my tag posts from other blogs or YouTube videos. I do come up with my own posts quite often though. ^_^

Will you ever buy the domain name?- (The website address).

I don’t think so. I might one day but I like keeping my blog quite classic and basic. Also I feel like if everyone buys their domain then potential bloggers may be put off and think that blogging is more professional than it should be in the early stages.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years I hope to be living in a cute little flat with a boyfriend or best friend. I will have designed and decorated the flat myself so it’ll be all mint and white with college walls, loads of photos, cute cushions and a crap-load of personality. 😀 I hope to be going to uni for graphic design and I’ll be playing ukulele and singing in my spare time. I’ll be touring and doing little gigs with a couple of friends and going on road-trips when I’m not in school, and I will have the most amazing friends to support me every step of the way. Of course I’ll still be blogging, and hopefully my blog will have taken off and be well-known in the beauty-blogging world. Most importantly, I want to be happy in five years time. ^_^

Will this ever be your profession?
Maybe one day. I’m really interested in graphic design and online magazine work so maybe blogging will tie in to my future. ^_^
Are you part of a blogger network?

I’m not and to be honest I’m not sure if I’d want to be. I don’t work too well with other people and I love having my blog as my own space where no one can interfere. 😛

How did it feel to be featured in SHOUT magazine?

Amazing! It was honestly one of my biggest achievements and the whole experience was incredibly surreal. I didn’t tell anyone, I just bought the magazine then surprised everyone with it. 😛 I still remember standing in Tesco’s reading my article and just grinning!

Can you tell us some things about your future blogging plans?

Nope! Simply because I have no plans haha. I have no idea what’s in store for my blog in the future, but hopefully it’ll just keep growing. ^__^

Who have you had guest posting?

Quite a few people because I did a guest posting week in October last year. I love getting people on my blog to guest post because I know how helpful it can be for new bloggers as its great exposure and a chance to get your name out into the blogosphere. Feel free to email me at if you’d like to guest post!

Where do you blog from?

Anywhere to be honest. 😛 I use my mum’s laptop or my dad’s laptop depending which one is free and I blog on my bed, at my desk, in the garden or on the couch.

For any bloggers, do you have any tips?

Just stay true to yourself and don’t try to conform or fit the mould. Blogging is all about expressing yourself so make sure you never forget who you are.

Random question:
Out of the following, which is your favourite?
A. Cadbury’s Oreo
B. Galaxy Carmel
C. Nestles  Kit Kat
That’s evil!! I love them all! :O I guess I like Galaxy Caramel the most but I’d eat any haha. 😛
So that’s it folks,  however, we have a gallery for you, as well as some links for some extra reading.
Extra reading:

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