Interview: Chrissie Perry, Author of Whisper.

1. What was the inspiration for whisper?
1. In 2009 I launched my other YA novel, Outside In, at the Melbourne Writer’s festival. I was placed in a noisy breeze and it was difficult to be heard. So, it was ironic that a group of deaf students were the only ones to ‘hear’ properly via their interpreter. Afterwards I had coffee with my editor. She had recently befriended a family with two deaf parents and two hearing children. So, the idea of introducing a deaf character came about.#

2. How did you start out as a writer?

2. I have always been a writer really because I find the written form fascinating. My first book was published 20 years ago. There was a series for Young Adults affiliated with the Dolly mag. I wrote three chapters and a synopsis and got a YES, which was fantastic. I chase opportunities as well as practicing my craft. For instance, I bought a Go Girl book for my daughter. Then I rang the publisher and asked if I could try to write one for them. To date, I have published around 30 books with the same Publisher, Hardie Grant Egmont.

3. Are you like Roald Dahl, in the sense that you have a special writing place?

3. My favorite writing place is the study in our holiday house in Fairhaven. Unfortunately, I don’t get there that often. I have had to learn to write in different places, including my office at home and an external office I have access to. However, I absolutely need to be alone and uninterrupted, which can be tough when you have three kids!

4.would you ever collaborate with another writer on a novel?

4. I have collaborated with other authors many times in the Go Girl series, however these have all been our own books that link with each other rather on the very same book (eg Go Girl! Angels with Meredith Badger). I loved working with Meredith and also Thalia Kalkipsakis from the GG series. We co created the Girl V World series together recently. I think it would be difficult to work on the same book together as styles differ, but never say never. Writing can get lonely at times, so in a way I think I’d like it.

5.who was your favourite author when growing up?

5. I loved Roald Dahl , AA Milne, Enid Blyton, May Gibbs, Lewis Carroll

6.Have you ever written for adults?

6. Yep, I have written some short stories for adults. One of them, Hydraulics, was a winner in the ABC Radio National short story comp in 2007, and is on the net as a spoken piece

7.What would be your advice for aspiring writers?

7. Aspiring writers : keep writing. Hone your craft. Enjoy making characters come alive. Join a Writer’s group and give each other feedback. And keep plugging away. It’s a difficult industry to crack, but I believe if you’re good enough and you know how to write for an audience, you’ll get published eventually

8.Do writers need to have good spelling?

8. Yep, spelling is important. But spell check aint that hard!

9.How do you deal with writer’s block?

9. I don’t have time for Writer’s block. Seriously!

10. When writing whisper, how did you find the information needed for the book?

10. I spent loads of time at the Victorian College for the Deaf while researching and writing Whisper. They gave me an open door policy. I also did loads of research on the net and had contacts at Vic Deaf to fact check with and help me become immersed in Deaf Culture.

Random question:
Who is your favourite out of the following:

Katherine Jenkins

Peter Andre


Adele. What a voice!

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