‘They Said I Was A Freak’; a poem to a friend.

Over on several blogs I've seen several Bloggers posting their original poetry. So, here's one I wrote myself-I don't recall doing so-which I thought I should post it. I believe I wrote this whilst thinking about how hard it is to make friends, being a teenager with Aspergers Syndrome; a friend comes to mind when … Continue reading ‘They Said I Was A Freak’; a poem to a friend.

Fab Little Bag Review.

Disclaimer: when I attended the Bloggers Ball, in the Goodie Bags we were given there was a product called 'Fab Little Bag'. I was sent some samples to review, at my own request. What follows is my honest opinion.    The product itself:  In essence, Fab Little Bag is essentially a sealable disposable bag for … Continue reading Fab Little Bag Review.

Why I Love Planning.

As I had written about rather extensively  before, I love to plan. I love having a planner, personalising it, logging details, debilitating over colours, sticking in Washi tape... But the question 'why' was never really answered. As you can see, I've had quite a few planners throughout the year. Personally, this year has seen me taking … Continue reading Why I Love Planning.

Posts I’ve Been loving #2; Satchels and Vintage!

Greetings! Following on from my other post, here is the next instalment of posts I've been loving recently. These are written by fellow bloggers like me; if you like what they write, please comment on their posts. It makes our day. And although there are only three links in this post, these were notable posts … Continue reading Posts I’ve Been loving #2; Satchels and Vintage!

Shawn Mendes Ultimate Fan Book Review. *

  Disclaimer: Chloe Moss at Carlton Books sent me this book, at my own request. What follows is my own view. Greetings! It has been a little while since I posted my last book review; to be honest, this is a post that is well over due. This was a book that I was sent, … Continue reading Shawn Mendes Ultimate Fan Book Review. *

I may have Aspergers but…

  I may have Aspergers Syndrome but.... It does not mean that I am broken; nor does it mean that I am indeed of what you think is a 'cure'. I am still a person behind the label. We have thoughts too, you know; we love and hate, we cry and laugh. I'm human too. … Continue reading I may have Aspergers but…

Meal out for a Cake? Yes please! *

* A little while ago, an email arrived in my inbox; I was asked to review the CAKE app. Being a foodie, I said yes! What follows is my honest opinion. I guess I should have planned better in the end; Southern had delayed various trains, meaning I got on the wrong one, and was … Continue reading Meal out for a Cake? Yes please! *

Guest Post: Natalie Benton, From Gorgeous And Geeky, On Her Favourite Planner.

Hello, my name is Natalie Benton and I’m the blogger behind Gorgeous and Geeky (Click here to view.). I 'met' Lydia from Mademoiselle Women in June on Twitter, and we quickly decided on writing a collab post. I hummed and hawed for a few weeks about what I wanted to write about and thankfully Lydia … Continue reading Guest Post: Natalie Benton, From Gorgeous And Geeky, On Her Favourite Planner.

Zeo Drinks Review.*

Disclaimer: whilst I was at the Bloggers Ball event, Zeo had a drinks stand, and was also included in the Goodie Bag we were given. At my own request, Zeo sent me some sample to try, in exchange for a review. What follows constitutes my honest opinion.  Now, what do you do when it's incredibly hot? … Continue reading Zeo Drinks Review.*

Itsy Nails Review; pretty gel polish! *

Disclaimer: the same day as I attend the Bloggers Ball event, I noticed that Itsy Nails followed me on Twitter. I messaged them privately, wondering whether they wished to work with me. They sent me ten polishes-five for a giveaway, five to review. What follows is my honest opinion. * Before I begin this review, … Continue reading Itsy Nails Review; pretty gel polish! *

When the internet makes you think…

Oh, internet; you are something, aren't you? Going from dial up to wifi; you've enabled me to create a blog, as well as other creative outlets, not to mention social media. There is a dark side to you, but I prefer your brighter side; when we can all come together, be it in times of … Continue reading When the internet makes you think…

bakerdays cake review. *

Disclaimer: I was sent this Letterbox gift box  cake by baker days to review at my own request. What follows constitutes my own opinion. Good morning- Now, we all like cake, don't we?! Added to this, cake that comes through the mail, personalised, and for particular celebration? We're in business; I love the idea, and … Continue reading bakerdays cake review. *

A Letter To My Friend.

I would like to bring more creative pieces to this blog; for this first post, I wrote a letter to a friend. (They won't ever read this blog-they don't know I even have a blog-but for sake of privacy, there's not a lot of personal information. There name has also been omitted.)   Dear A.- … Continue reading A Letter To My Friend.

Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Bloggers Ball was an incredible event for me; to have won tickets as part of a giveaway, then to attend a networking event for Bloggers...Sign me up! I posted about the event a little while ago, but I thought that I would share a few lessons learnt (what to 'takeaway') from the event, if you … Continue reading Takeaways From Bloggers Ball.

Interview with Fee, Unicorn Born.

As a Blogger, I've recently become more and more aware of smaller businesses, how bloggers blog for business, and etsy shops. But I'd like to delve a little more into this area, as it isn't something I know a lot about. So, I spoke to Fee over email, about her shop, Unicorn Born. Firstly, how … Continue reading Interview with Fee, Unicorn Born.